Wyoming Students Draw National Attention

Students at the University of Wyoming’s agricultural school are drawing national attention thanks to a student-run, grassroots farm set up more than ten years ago.
Despite the gradual decline in the numbers of American farmers and despite the gradual aging of the farm sector, many agricultural schools are still thriving and are still committed to the creation of innovative agricultural research and techniques. Even in the face of shrinking budgets and spending cuts, farm schools remain a vital part of the future of the farm sector.
At the University of Wyoming, the agricultural school has made a name for itself thanks to the grassroots commitments of its students. While most land-grant schools have farm plots managed and maintained by university officials, Wyoming is unique in that its Agricultural Community Resources for Everyday Sustainability program (ACRES) was developed and implemented solely by the school’s students.
In addition to preparing students for the challenges of real life agricultural production, the ACRES program has joined with local businesses in pioneering a model of local, sustainable production and consumption that they hope can be replicated across the country.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer