Oklahoma not Affected by Drop in Dairy Prices

The decline in milk prices has yet to affect Oklahoma farms.  Many dairy farms have found themselves selling cows for slaughter because they cannot afford to feed the herds.
“Around here it is really not a big issue,” said Bill Barnhart at OKC West Stockyards in El Reno, Oklahoma. In a past there were plenty of dairy farms in operation Barnhart said, “but now they are mostly all gone.”
“Dairy cows rarely come through the Oklahoma City stockyards,” said Jerry Alexander, officer in charge of the Oklahoma City U.S. Department of Agriculture Market News office. “And we’re not seeing any change.”
Large dairy farms in the western part of the U.S. have a different outlook. Due to the rising feed prices, global drop in dairy product demand and frugal customers eating out less have greatly affected operations. It does not help that milk prices are half of what it costs farmers to produce it.
“It is true that times are very hard for dairy farmers right now,” said Susan Allen, the central and western Oklahoma program coordinator for Dairy Max, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the National Dairy Council and funded by dairy-farming families in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and southwest Kansas. “The price they are getting for milk is not matching the cost of production right now.”
“Dairy farmers are tying to do what they can to weather the storm,” she said.
Ron Kensinger, head of the animal science department at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, said “Yet that doesn’t dispel the fact that times are truly tough for the dairy industry and for all small farmers.”
“The economic climate for the dairy industry is brutal; it’s the toughest in about 50 years,” Kensinger said, with farmers being paid the same amount for milk as they were five decades ago.
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