North Dakota Disaster Program Extended

The North Dakota Industrial Commissions voted to extend the deadline for producers to apply for disaster relief from 2009.
North Dakota producers experienced harsh weather all year long with excessive rainfall, flooding and freezing temperatures. Harvesting was pushed behind so far that producers are still figuring out numbers from the 2009 year.
Officials also blame the decline in beef prices for the delay.
Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring explained, “We have had record snowfall, major livestock losses, widespread flood damage and prevented planting, a late harvest and a collapsing market. All of this threw a curveball to producers who are now trying to market a smaller-than -expected calf crop and/or low-protein wheat. In either case, they cannot break even, and that’s causing a lot of anxiety.”
Those who are eligible can receive up to $500,000 or 75 percent toward a loan for refinancing term debt.
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