Good Signs for Iowa Farmers

It comes with little surprise that many fields lay unplanted after heavy spring rainfalls, but the good news is it is not as bad as it looks.
The USDA announced less than three percent of the annually planted corn and soybeans in Iowa have yet to be put in the ground.
Heavy rains are pushing the final planting back, but the conditions should dry out in the next couple weeks. Warm days are needed to dry out the soil.
One farm told the Waterloo Courier, “We’re about one and a half to two weeks behind the normal pace of the past seven years. There will probably be yield reductions, but it depends on what the weather does.”
Since May, the Iowa State University Extension’s research shows a decline of two bushels per day through the end of the month.
According the Courier, Iowa farmers’ planting progress exceeds the five-year average, but other states are far behind. Illinois, Indiana and Ohio farmers are having great problems planting due to excessive rainfall.
The Courier also reported that 28 percent of Iowa’s soybeans have emerged. The crop is two percent poor, 21 percent fair, 61 percent good and 16 percent excellent.
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