Fungicide for Corn?

After two years of trials no one has officially decided that growers should use fungicide on corn crops.
Many farmers have tried to see the affects, but half farmers have reported a higher yield and some have reported the same amount.
Iowa State University is running extensive research but find that it is hard to determine if a yield will be higher in industry because the application of fungicide is different.
In 2008 theyield in small trials was 3.5 bushels per acre and at a soybean on-farm network. However other studies done by Purdue University found the average of 7.4 bushels per acre. Hi-bred research found the highest increase with 12-16 bushel acre increases.

Overall the investment may be worth the extra money based on the research done thus far.
If you choose to use fungicides consider the following before applying:
*Cost of fungicide, plus application
*price of corn
*drying costs
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