$1.4 Million for Iowa

US Rep. Dave Loebsack voted to hold $1,406,000 for Iowa producers in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill.
The money will be used for projects that benefit farmers by helping with conservation and environmental management. Some specifics include funding for the Watershed Demonstration Project and the Soap Creek Watershed Project.
“I am committed to working with our farmers and conservation organizations to ensure that the needs of rural Iowans are not overlooked,” he said in a statement.
The money will be used for technical assistance as well to help farmers focus on innovated farming techniques.
Specifically broken down:
$288,000 for Certified Management Systems for Agriculture
$134,000 for Watershed Management and Demonstration Program with the Iowa Soybean Association
$984,000 for Soap Creek Watershed Project with the Soap Creek Watershed Board.
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