Vilsack Pushes for New Farm Bill

In a recent stop in Kissimmee, Florida, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke about the need for a new farm bill and the dangers that sequestration budget cuts could pose to farm production across the country.

Since the 2012 election, Vilsack has focused most of his public appearances on pressuring Congress to pass a new, five-year farm bill. Despite major progress in the Senate and the House Agriculture Committee, the full House refused to hold a farm bill vote, dooming the measure and blocking its passage until later this year.

Since the death of the 2012 Farm Bill, Secretary Vilsack has been pressuring Congress to pass a new bill by touring the country and presenting the major challenges the farm sector could face without new farm legislation.

In his recent address, Vilsack addressed the desperate need for increased disaster protection, particularly in the face of climate change, which has the potential to drastically alter production patterns over the next several years.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer