Vilsack Praises Wisconsin Agriculture

Earlier this week, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack praised Wisconsin farmers and Wisconsin agriculture, noting that the state was a model for the United States as a whole. Wisconsin’s success, Vilsack noted, was a sign of the overall strength of the American farm sector and the potential that agriculture has in strengthening the nation’s economy.

In a statement to Wisconsin farmers, Vilsack claimed, “As demonstrated by Wisconsin’s agricultural success in 2010, the nation’s farm economy is stronger than ever. However, when you consider that just one percent of U.S. businesses export, you realize there much more capacity to grow our economy and create jobs. Today’s event is about seizing those opportunities.”

Overall, Wisconsin agriculture made remarkable gains in the last year. The state’s farm exports grew 39 percent since 2009, making Wisconsin one of the most productive agricultural states in the U.S. Only Tennessee and Texas grew more in 2010. As a portion of the state’s overall economy, roughly 1 in 10 Wisconsinites are employed by the state’s agricultural industry.

The success of Wisconsin farmers is a much needed piece of good news in a season of severe weather and record crop losses. Wisconsin’s growth demonstrates that despite weather concerns and labor shortages, American agriculture is still strong and vibrant.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer