Vilsack Defends Job Performance

In a series of public talks, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has defended his tenure as the nation’s farm leader and lauded the U.S. Department of Agriculture as more important than its name might seem. In addition, he defended the policies of President Barack Obama and promoted the president’s latest jobs bill.

The USDA, Vilsack argued, is much more important than its name might seem. The agency has a wide variety of responsibilities. For example, Vilsack argued that the USDA plays a major role in U.S. national security by helping Afghan farmers wean themselves from growing poppies, whose sales often help fund terrorist organizations.

In addition to hyping the importance of the USDA, Vilsack praised his own job performance, emphasizing the various initiatives he has spearheaded that have created agricultural jobs and benefitted small farmers.

Another crucial part of his recent talks has been to praise the Obama administration and promote the president’s jobs bill. The jobs bill, Vilsack has claimed, will help stimulate the farm economy by guaranteeing that consumers can continue to buy farm products and provide farmers with necessary services. More than that, Vilsack has claimed that President Obama is a stalwart supporter of the farm sector, stating, “The president’s vision of the entire economy is reflected in the success of agriculture. This is basically the vision at work.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer