U.S. Prepares for GMO Deregulation

Efforts by Congress to deregulate elements of the genetically modified food industry, primarily through modifications to the 2012 Farm Bill, have been met with stiff opposition by groups struggling against the spread of GMOs.

The spread of genetically modified organisms has been controversial for the past several years. While major companies like Monsanto and Dow have been heavily investing in modified organisms, an alliance of organic farmers and food safety advocates have gathered to oppose modified food, claiming that it is bad for the economy and bad for human health.

Most recently, a group of organic farmers attempted to sue Monsanto, claiming that the agricultural giant was abusing intellectual property law and endangering organic crops.

The farm bill rider in question would grant companies like Monsanto and Dow immunity regarding the planting of genetically modified crops, even if courts rule that those crops were approved illegally.

According to a senior attorney at the Center for Food Safety, “They are trying to change the rules. It is to the detriment of good governance, farmers and to the environment,” while spokespersons for the Biotechnology Industry Organization stated, “There is bipartisan support for all of these reforms in a broad context. Members from both sides agree (as does the administration) that reforms are needed.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer