State Issues Salmonella Warning

Photo By: H. Zell
Photo By: H. Zell

Pennsylvania agricultural officials have issued a warning to consumers who purchased raw milk from a local dairy farm upon hearing reports that salmonella was found in several samples of milk and dairy products.

The Pennsylvania outbreak is the latest in a string of raw milk related illnesses. Unpasteurized milk and dairy products are forbidden to be sold across state lines by federal law. However, individual states can choose to sanction local raw milk sales.

Proponents of raw milk claim that pasteurization can kill helpful bacteria, while opponents argue that raw milk is dangerous and the sale and consumption of unpasteurized dairy products leads to widespread illness.

According to the owner of the Jersey Hollow Farm, where the outbreak was discovered, “We try to do a good job with milking cows, keeping them clean and giving them a good clean environment. It’s already history. They already drank it. In my opinion, the milk they bought was actually good milk.”

The farm has agreed to voluntarily stop selling raw dairy products until the State Department of Agriculture can investigate further. While this latest outbreak has not yet led to any illnesses, raw milk has been linked to 81 cases of foodborne illness in the state this year alone.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer