Senates Votes "No" to Murkowski Resolution

The American Farm Bureau (AFBF) stood behind the Murkowski resolution all the way until the end. However, the Senate voted to reject this measure that would restrict the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate carbon emissions.
The resolution was rejected in a vote of 47-53. The AFBF worked hard to fight for the resolution by sending letters to senators asking them to support the bill. Despite efforts the bill did not pass.
“This was one of the most important votes in the Senate this year affecting U.S. agriculture,” said AFBF President Bob Stall. “Additional EPA regulation for farmers will likely mean higher food costs for consumers because of higher input and energy costs to grow our food and result in negative economic impacts on the agriculture sector.”
For the agriculture industry it was not just an economic impact. “Importantly his vote also brought into question who should decide our nation’s energy policy- elected lawmakers or a regulatory agency. It is regrettable the Senate answered this question as it did,” Stallman added.
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