Scholarships Promote Biodiesel Production

Scholarships are available for high school seniors in Minnesota pursuing a future in agriculture or biodiesel production.
To apply students must submit an application to the American Lung Association in Minnesota and the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association including an essay on the importance of biodiesel. One student will receive the top prize, a $1,000 scholarship while another student will receive a $500 scholarship.
“We’re always looking for new ways to get young people involved and informed about biodiesel,” Robert Moffitt, communications director for the Clean Fuel and Vehicle Technologies Program of the American Lung Association in Minnesota told Biodiesel Magazine. “Minnesota is really a pioneering state for the use of biodiesel, and what better place to hold a biodiesel essay contest than here—the first state in the union to require biodiesel in all diesel sold…This is our fifth year, and we’ve always had a very good response. There is some very innovative and creative thinking out there from our young people, and we just wanted to be a part of that.”
The essay must be 1,000 words long and discuss the benefits of Biodiesel in Minnesota, Biodiesel’s benefits to Minnesota or how you can impact biodiesel use in your area. Essays are due by 4:30 p.m. on March 30, 2011. Click here for an application.
For more information on agriculture scholarships or biodiesel contact Farm Plus at 866-929-5585.