Prop. 2 Compliant Eggs Available in California

Animal cruelty issues are always a hot issue in relation to agriculture. In 2008 California took a stand as citizens voted in favor of the Prop. 2 Compliant.
Though Prop. 2 does not go into effect until 2015, some California farms are making adjustments to comply with Prop. 2 regulations.
The J.S. West Company of Modesto is the first California farm to send “Prop. 2 Compliant” eggs to store shelves. The eggs, “Emma’s Comfort Coop,” are not as expensive as organic or cage free eggs. However, the egg-laying hens are raised in more humane conditions.
The hens of “Emma’s Comfort Coop” have twice as much space as those hens at average chicken farms. Though there is more space for chickens, the Humane Society does not feel the farm complies with Prop. 2. The
Humane Society feels farms should be cage-free. Though Prop. 2 doesn’t go into effect for a few years, regulations are currently unclear.
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Written by: Melissa Warner / Staff Writer