Oldest Business & Farm in America Closed

The oldest farm in the United States and one of the oldest businesses in North America announced last week that it was going closing its doors and going out of business. Tuttle farm, located in Dover New Hampshire, was founded in 1632, over 140 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Their announcement cited exhaustion of resources, including financial, as the key reason for the farm’s decline, and Lucy Tuttle, co-owner of the farm, stated, “we’re not able to work to our full capacity any longer, unfortunately.” After eleven-generations of family ownership, the Tuttle farm is experiencing an increasingly common experience in American agriculture, family farms being sold to large-scale agribusinesses. Farm Plus offers help to farmers in this current economic climate. Rates are at historic lows starting at only 2.95%. Call 866-929-5585 to speak with a Farm Plus representative today or visit us online for more information.