Obama Puts Money Aside to Settle Claims

President Barack Obama proposed the government use $1.25 billion to settle discrimination claims by black farmers against the USDA.
The proposal is included in the president’s budget request for 2010.
Black farmers have criticized Obama for neglecting the need of money to fund the claims from a decade ago.
Obama feels that the money would “close this chapter” in the USDA’s history and everyone can move past it.
“My hope is that the farmers and their families who were denied access to USDA loans and programs will be made whole and will have the chance to rebuild their lives and their businesses,” he said.
So far officials form the National Black Farmers Association are happy with the proposal and feel it is a step in the right direction. However, they feel $1.25 billion is not enough money to cover all the claims.
The claims include farmers suing the USDA for denying them government loans and assistance that white farmers have no issue obtaining. In 1999 the government settled most of the claims with nearly $1 billion in damages for 16,000 cases.
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