Nebraska Farm, Animal Rights Groups Find Common Ground

An unlikely alliance between a farm advocacy group and an animal rights organization has created a firestorm in Nebraska. The Nebraska Farmers Union and the Humane Society of American have recently teamed up to find common ground regarding humane treatment of livestock and ethical meat production.

The controversy stems from fears among Nebraska farmers that animal rights groups, particularly the Humane Society, were trying to craft restrictive animal protections that will hinder meat production in the state. In other states, groups like the Humane Society have been successful in petitioning governments to institute various crate and space policies, requiring better treatment of livestock.

In response to fears of a similar push in Nebraska, farm several farm advocacy groups and local politicians formed We Support Agriculture. This organization has stood on the front lines in opposition of any increased government regulation of animal treatment.

The response from We Support Agriculture over the cooperation between the Farmers Union and the Humane Society has been overwhelmingly negative. Pete McClymont, director of We Support Agriculture, recently stated, “We are shocked and disappointed that any Nebraska agriculture group would align itself with an extreme animal rights organization such as the Humane Society of the United States.”

The Farmers Union, however, sees their move as beneficial to small family farms, which frequently practice more humane treatment of their livestock than their large-scale counterparts.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer