Maryland Considers Farm Law Clinic

In the wake of a recent lawsuit involving a group of farmers (and in an increasingly litigious society), a group of Maryland academics and law professors are considering the possibility of creating a local law clinic for farmers and ranchers.
The clinic considerations come three years after the Maryland branch of the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental activist group dedicated to protecting waterways from industrial and agricultural pollution, filed suit against a Berlin, Maryland chicken farm, which had illegally discharged farm pollutants into local rivers.
The Waterkeeper Alliance was represented in the lawsuit by the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic.
In the wake of the lawsuit, some farmers and law professors began considering the creation of an agricultural law clinic that could offer free and discounted legal advice and representation to local farmers. Members of the law school are planning on conducting interviews with farmers to determine what level, if any, of legal support they would like from local attorneys.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer