Immigration Bill May Reach Senate

An immigration bill that would secure the border, expand work visa eligibility, and offer millions of undocumented immigrants a path to legalization may finally reach the Senate floor, Washington insiders report, offering American farmers a small glimmer of hope in an otherwise dark year.
Farmers have increasingly become major advocates of comprehensive immigration reform. With domestic agricultural labor declining and with many farmers facing major labor shortages in upcoming years, many in the farm sector have been forced to turn to undocumented workers.
However, with several states cracking down on illegal immigration, many farmers have seen their only source of labor disappearing.
As such, major farm advocacy organization have led the charge on immigration reform and have spent the last year pressuring Congress to reform current work visa regulations.
The recent news that the Senate may reach an agreement on immigration reform comes as a breath of fresh air to a farm sector accustomed to congressional gridlock (especially considering the difficulty farmers have faced getting a new five-year farm bill passed).
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer