House Proposes Immigration Changes

In the wake of the Senate’s recently proposed immigration reform bill, the House of Representatives is offering their own legislation designed to modernize elements of American immigration policy and curry favor with farmers desperate for increased access to farm labor.
Immigration has been a hot button issue for the past several years. With several states passing tough new immigration laws targeting undocumented workers, farmers (often dependent on migrant labor) have pressured Congress to pass federal immigration reform.
In response to a recently proposed Senate bill that would significantly reform the entire immigration process (offering new paths to citizenship, for example), the House recently proposed a less grandiose bill, one that would only reform federal work visa programs.
The Agricultural Guest Worker Act would extend the length of stay for noncitizen workers and would allow farmers to hire greater numbers of workers. These proposed changes, farmers argue, would create greater labor stability and might help discourage illegal immigration.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer