Farmers Seek "AgJobs" Bill

Farmers across the United States have trouble filling hard, physical seasonal jobs such as picking apples by hand. These producers look to immigrants to help with the jobs because they seem to be the only ones who will do the work. Strict immigration and visa laws have put a damper on hiring seasonal help and farmers want change.
A new visa program with more lenient requirements would allow farmers to keep production steady, or maybe even increase yields according to a number of farmers. Producers encourage an “AgJobs” bill that allows workers to obtain some type of illegal status if they work in the agriculture industry for 150 days or more throughout two years.
Although the recession has helped fill agricultural jobs, many farmers have to cut back crops and production because there are not enough workers to complete the jobs. In February the Obama Administration put tight restrictions on seasonal agriculture jobs in hopes to fill the work with Americans. Although farmers look to hire Americans for the work, the workforce is not there.
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