Farm Policy May Help Feed the World

Farm policy currently being debated in Congress could play a major impact on the future of sustainable agriculture around the world and could help feed countless men, women, and children across the planet.

Despite the overall economic boom the American agricultural sector is currently experiencing, farm production around the world is not nearly as plentiful. Chronic food shortages remain common in many countries and hunger remains a major problem facing the global community.

According to a United Nations estimate food production will need to increase by more than fifty percent within the next few decades in order to keep up with population increases.

In addition to representing a humanitarian concern, food insecurity and hunger can lead to political instability (as food riots turned revolution in Egypt demonstrates).

Federal farm policy, currently being discussed in Washington, may pay a role in the any meaningful effort to address global hunger. Protecting the rural community in the United States and encouraging crop diversification could help shift production away from unsustainable singe crop farming (as is common across the Corn Belt) towards a greener future that could serve as a model.

In addition, research into certain drought resistant crops could prove a boon to Third World countries that may face the bulk of the damage caused by global climate change.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer