Farm Groups Fight Labeling

A coalition of farm advocacy groups have banded together to combat label confusion on agricultural products.

The fight over food labels has been an increasingly divisive one. In the recent election, for example, Californians rejected a proposal to require labeling all foods made with genetically modified products. Organic farm groups have spent the past several years pushing for stronger regulations on what can and can’t be labeled organic.

CommonGrounds, a group sponsored by the United Soybean Association and the Nation Corn Growers Association, recently started a push to warn consumers about confusing farm labels. In particular, their primary goal is warning consumer that labels like organic and grass-fed do not necessarily represent healthy choices.

“We are truly blessed to have so many food choices available to us at the grocery store,” said Missouri CommonGround volunteer Renee Fordyce. “With so many food options available, I want moms to feel good about their food choices and know that farmers share many of the same values and priorities when it comes to feeding our own families.”

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer