Farm Bureau Testifies About Farm Budget

The New York Farm Bureau recently testified on behalf of its members regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed agricultural budget.

In an era of recession and austerity, farm spending has frequently found itself on the budgetary chopping block. On a federal level, the House of Representatives has spent much of the past two years shaving agricultural spending from the federal budget, with farm research and conservation funding often seeing the deepest cuts.

Several agricultural states have followed the same pattern, cutting money from farm budgets to address overall budgetary shortfalls.

In New York, however, Governor Cuomo has reversed this trend by committing to protect farm spending, even as the state looks to significantly reduce spending. “Since farmers and consumers both rely on the Department to provide critical food safety, farm animal health and plant inspection services, the Department of Agriculture and Markets is an integral Agency to the entire state of New York. The Agency’s Executive Budget overall provides a good framework to ensure that both farm and consumer interests are protected,” said Jeff Williams, New York Farm Bureau’s Deputy Director of Public Policy.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer