Farm Bureau Praises Senate for Passing Farm Bill

The American Farm Bureau Federation is praising the US Senate for taking quick, decisive action of the 2013 Farm Bill, which passed earlier this month.
For more than a year, farmers have been in limbo regarding the farm bill. After months of debate last summer, the Senate and the House Agriculture Committee passed competing versions of the vital farm legislation. Despite these major legislative accomplishments, Republican leaders, unwilling to push through a major spending bill in an election year, killed the bill in the House.
In an effort to restart the farm bill process, the Senate has taken quick action to draft and pass a new five-year bill. The resulting legislation has earned praise from the Farm Bureau.
“We appreciate the Senate’s decision to protect and strengthen the federal crop insurance program and not reduce its funding, as well as the approval of a commodity program that provides farmers varied safety net options,” Stallman said. “This approach to farm policy will encourage farmers to follow market signals rather than basing planting decisions on anticipation of government farm benefits. Most importantly, the program will be viable because the Senate stood firm on a budget savings level of $24 billion.”
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer