Early Planting can Cause big Problems

Farmers are getting ready to plant for fall and the University of Nebraska said planting two or three weeks early can make the difference between having a “bumper” or “complete disaster.”
The West Central Research and Extension Center have found a different as much as 40 bushels (less) per acre when planted on Sept. 2 instead of Sept. 25, the recommended date.
Researchers also recommend using certified, treated seed varieties that are best for your local area. Planting early also prevents diseases like wheat streak mosaic and crown root rot that develop before the weather cools. So it is important to avoid planting at the very end of summer and early fall. Winter injury to crops are more likely to happen when the wheat is planted early causing the soil to dry out.
If you have no choice but to plant early, be sure to cover the wheat as much as possible so winds do not blow the dirt away.
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