Deadline Extended

The sign-up date for the USDA’s Direct and Counter-cyclical Program and the Average Crop Revenue Election Program has been extended from June 1 to August 14.
The extra 10 weeks allows producers to decide if they want to participate in the ACRE or DCP programs.
The programs are new and some producers will like the extra time to decide if the programs will truly benefit them or not. The FSA wants producers to decide if producers want to continue with the DCP for 2009 or start the ACRE program from 2009 through 2012.
ACRE comes from the 2008 Farm Bill that provides eligible producers to have a state-level revenue guarantee based off five-year Olympic average yield and the two-year national average price. ACRE payments are made when state and farm-level triggers are met.
There is a catch with the ACRE program, and that is why producers need to make an educated decision. The ACRE program forgoes counter-cyclical payments and receive a 20 percent reduction in direct payments and a 30 percent reduction in loan rates.
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