Cuba Trade Bill Sits in Congress During Recess

Rep. Collin Peterson’s proposed Cuba trade bill will sit in Congress’s hands until at least September according to agriculture and government officials. The bill, that would open trade options to Cuba, is expected to be voted on after lawmakers complete their August recess.
American Farm Bureau Federation trade specialist, Chris Garza said, “It’s a great policy. Unfortunately the bill is caught up in the politics of the issue. There are still many members out there, particularly those from Florida, who see any easing of the embargo as a gift to the Castros. This is not the case. This bill is about increasing U.S. agricultural exports.”
Garza feels the bill is more about opening up the market to Cuba and removing restrictions. It will help our agriculture industry more than anything. Not only will it bring in more income for U.S. producers, but it will allow Cubans the opportunity to have quality food from the United States.
(Reported by the Colorado Farm Burea.)
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