Congress Returns to Washington

With the Fourth of July holiday over, Congress is returning to Washington with a full agenda ahead of it.
Shortly after the defeat of the farm bill, the first time the vital farm legislation has been defeated outright on the House floor, Congress adjourned for the Fourth of July holiday. With representatives having met with their constituents, many farmers remain hopeful that pressure from local communities may help sway lawmakers.
The farm community has a lot at stake in this current Congress. In addition to the farm bill, which rural representatives are pushing to bring back to the floor, the House will need to deal with immigration reform. While the Senate recently passed sweeping immigration legislation, Speaker Boehner has already promised that the Senate bill will not be picked up in the House.
Despite the massive to-do list in the House, some farmers are less than optimistic that the House will take action. With Congress’ recent track record fairly poor, and with the House more divided than ever before, it is more than likely that the farm bill and immigration reform bill will never pass.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer