Californians Fear Upcoming Farm Bill

California agricultural and environmental groups are worried that the upcoming Farm Bill might come at the expense of California farmers. The past month has seen rumors abound about the 2012 farm Bill. In particular, the announcement by the congressional supercommittee of impending agricultural budget cuts to the tune of $23 billion has many farmers worried.

Of major concern are rumors that deliberations for the 2012 Farm Bill may begin as early as this week and may proceed behind closed doors. This is troubling for an agricultural state like California, which currently produces about 12 percent of the USA’s total agricultural revenue, but only receives about 5 percent of federal farm spending.

One of the major bones of contention regarding the Farm Bill are fears that the bulk of federal spending will go towards staple crops like corn, wheat, and soybeans, rather than the more specialized fruits, vegetables, and nuts that dominate much of the California agricultural industry.

To this end, various state environmental, agricultural, and health organization have sent petitions with more than 16,000 signatures to California’s congressional delegation and to Governor Jerry Brown to ensure that California gets enough funding to continue vital conservation, research, and nutritional programs.

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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer