Republicans Blame Senate for Farm Bill Fiasco

With passions running high in the wake of the second major farm bill failure in as many years, politicians on both sides of the aisle are scrambling to point fingers. While many Democrats have blamed the House of Representatives for not passing a series of bipartisan Senate bills, some Republicans in the House and Senate are blaming Democrats for placing too much value on the food stamp program.
The Farm Bill has been impossibly stalled in Congress for the past two years. While both the House and Senate agree on a number of big-picture farm concerns (both houses agree that direct payment subsides should be ended and that crop insurance support should be increased), food stamps and nutritional subsides have proven to be a major sticking point in passing a new, five-year bill.
While the Senate has passed consecutive farm bills for the past two years, the House has only managed to pass a single bill in July, one that separated food stamps from farm legislation in an attempt to bypass the House logjam.
While farmers have condemned this effort, claiming that it will weaken support for future farm bills and could jeopardize future farm legislation, some Republican Senators are criticizing their Democratic colleagues for refusing to discuss passage of the House bill.
According to Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, Democrats are at least partially responsible for the stalled bill because they have put food stamps as their redline for any farm bill.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer