Planting Wheat losing its appeal


Wheat was recently at historic highs and since has fallen in price, dramatically.  Kansas is known for producing large amounts of wheat, in fact, Kansas is our nations #1 producer in wheat (historically).  The National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Monday, Kansas farmers planted 9 million acres of wheat.  “This is the lowest number since 1957 for Kansas – and that was a drought year when over 4 million acres were placed into a land bank reserve,” stated Eddie Wells who works for the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service (KASS).    Kansas set a record high in 1952 with more than 15 million acres of wheat planted.  The lowest on record is at 7.1 million acres of wheat set in 1957 according to  KASS.  “When you see this volume, there is some deliberate intention  to it,” stated Eddie Wells, “Farmers are carefully deciding what they want to do  with the ground.”