Beginning Farmers Still Face Barriers

Despite major efforts by state and federal farm agencies and organizations, beginning farmers still face significant barriers to entering the agricultural profession, barriers than could seriously limit the growth and stability of the farm sector.
For the past several years, pundits and farm officials have worried about a potential demographic crisis in the farm sector. With fewer and fewer young farmers entering the profession, it has become increasingly older, with average ages reaching sixty in some communities.
While the greying of the American workplace has been uniform across professions (and with many of the demographic changes reflecting the growth of less labor-intensive professions), some officials are still worried about the potential impact of a smaller, older agriculture sector.
While the US Department of Agriculture and state agriculture departments across the country have attempted to make more capital available to young farmers, there are still significant barriers within the agricultural profession.
In April, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and Minnesota Congressman Tim Waltz introduced the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity Act of 2013, which, in addition to earmarking funds for incoming farmers, would offer young farmers training and mentoring.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer