Colorado Cows Test Positive for TB

A Colorado dairy herd tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (TB) after a lesion was found on a cow in a slaughterhouse.
The Colorado Department of Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture started an ongoing investigation in March following the discovery in Southern Colorado. The two departments traced the meat back to a farm and continued testing all cows on the farm and in the area.
Infected animals can have internal lesions from bovine tuberculosis. The disease is spread by respiratory aerosols that are exhaled by the infected animals. The airborne illness can be caught by other animals or humans and cause breathing problems on top of other health issues.
Although the meat was discovered at a slaughterhouse, no infected meat made it to circulation or into the food chain. Milk from these animals is also not an issue because milk is pasteurized and all harmful bacteria is killed during the process.
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