Stripe Rust Endangers Wheat Crops

Wheat is a major crop across the United States although farmers planted less acreage in the winter months.
Stripe Rust, a seeded wheat disease, is causing problems across major wheat growing states. The cool conditions thus far have caused a major problem spreading this disease across such states as southeast Colorado and Kansas.
Director of the Colorado Associations of Wheat Growers, Darrell Hanavan, said Stripe Rust is a huge threat to crops. It can cause as much as 50 percent yield loss in crops that are not treated with fungicide to prevent the disease.
Warm weather is the best way to cure the disease and farmers believe a three-day stretch of 90 degree weather would stop the problem. Farmers can also turn to fungicide, but this is a problem since harvesting time is near. Fungicide must be applied 30 to 45 days pre-harvest. Colorado farmers are expecting to harvest after July 4 which is sooner than 30 days.
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