Citrus Greening Disease

Many factors have threatened crops this season and one is lurking onto California citrus crops.
An Asian citrus psyllid was found in a trap of a California homeowner’s citrus tree in Echo Park. This species can potentially carry a fatal citrus disease. Producers in the $1.6 billion citrus industry have many concerns.
“This pest can travel, and it can do so quickly and easily,” said Ted Batkin, president of the California-based Citrus Research Board. The pest can carry a disease that is the biggest threat in the modern history of the citrus industry.
Fortunatley the psyllids testing negative for huanglongbing, the citrus greening disease. This disease not only spoils the fruit, but it kills the tree as well.
The pest was first found in America in 1998 when Florida’s citrus industry was destroyed. It also made a comeback in 2005.
“We’re about as concerned as we can be,” Batkin said.
Officials are working to fight the pest and keep California free of its wrath.
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