California Cotton Crops Expected to Increase

The United States Department of Agriculture reported that California farmers are expected to plant 100,000 acres of Upland cotton. This is a 41 percent increase from 2009.
The increase shows that the cotton crop, which has been nearly scarce across California in recent years, are making a comeback. This is a trend found across many parts of the country.
California farmers are also expected to plant 165,000 acres of American Pima cotton, a 39 percent increase from last year.
In Fresno County 69,800 acres of cotton was harvested in 2008 totaling $117.7 million.
These numbers come from the USDA’s annual report that farmers use as a guide for picking and planting crops. Although the numbers are not exact, they are a rough guess as to what farmers can expect. The numbers will increase and decrease as farmers report their actual yields to the USDA.
Click here to read the report in entirety.
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