California Crops Affected by Cooler Temperatures

Cool temperatures have played a major factor in this year’s California harvesting and planting seasons.
The California apple harvest is underway and farmers have seen a good-looking crop and expect a large harvest. Apples have developed a good color and size due to cooler temperatures. Growers expect 3-million boxes of apples by the end of harvest with each box holding 40 pounds of fruit. The only area having problems is the San Joaquin Valley where there was no water last year according to the California Farm Bureau.
The cool weather put a delay on California’s wild rice crops as well. Farmers planted half as many acres this year due to an unusual freeze in May which also caused damage. In the Central Valley farmers planted more white rice. An overabundance from last growing season in California and Minnesota caused a surplus, so wheat prices are also lower this season.
The pear harvest is behind due to cooler than average conditions as well. The California Pear Advisory reports the crop is two weeks behind. Orchards along the Sacramento River were expected for harvest around mid-July. Despite the late start, farmers expect 67 thousand tons of pears.
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