Crop Delays Cost Millions

Rain and cool temperatures have caused a headache for many farmers across the country. Iowa’s corn and soybean harvest have suffered, 22 days behind schedule.
As farmers try to harvest, heavy rains and cloudy skies threaten to delay harvests even longer. Pella Peterson, Iowa State University agronomist said the moisture bottlenecks grain dryers.
“The fall and winter came in so early…we don’t have the wind or heat now. With the big crop of corn sitting out there, the farmers are not running full speed. They don’t have drying capacity to dry down every day,” Peterson said. “You have these huge combines, but you can’t dry the crop fast enough. It’s a huge issue and I don’t think people outside of agriculture understand what kind of impact it can have.”
Most economists believe the delay in harvests are expected to cost farmers millions of dollars total.
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