Georgia Farmers See Impressive Numbers

Georgia farmers have seen their biggest peanut crop to date despite many problems along the way.
The average yield was around 3,500 pounds per acre when the largest recorded was 3,450 in 2003. This number is incredibly impressive considering the white mold that farmers have been fighting all season.
The mold caused incredible damage under ground, but left most of the crops undamaged. The problem with white mold is that although farmers use fungicide it is not always effective.
This season farmers spent between $70 and $150 on fungicides.
Although the crop was at its largest, farmers have stock piled peanuts from last year’s bumper crops, so prices are low per pound. This year farmers can expect $365-$400 per contract instead of last year’s $500-$600.
In 2009 Georgia farmers planted 503,000 acres of peanuts, that is up by 187,000 from last year.
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