Proposed Utah Highway Threatens Farmland

A proposed highway connecting Farmington’s Legacy Parkway to I-15 in Utah, could potentially devastate several farms in the area. Utah’s Department of Transportation has been surveying residents who would be impacted by the West Davis Corridor. Currently, Utah’s DOT has several potential locations for the highway, all of which have a major impact on local farmland. DOT officials have assured residents that the final plans are still years away and that they are seeking to negative impact the local economy as much as possible.
Farms in the area have acknowledged that the highway is both vital and necessary to the state’s economic growth. However, many take issue with the damage that would be done to their farms in the process. Brad Dahl, owner of Utah Onions Inc., says that his farm, which is already surrounded by homes and schools, could face ruin if the highway is built. Several proposed plans negatively impact field drains, Dahl says, and others cut through his farm directly. The Hamblin Dairy Farm, which has been in business for 107 years, states that several plans cut through prime farmland, which would make it difficult for the farm to remain open. Black Island Farms co-owner Charlie Black also states that several plans for the road dissect his farmland.
Local farmers have organized to persuade DOT officials to relocate the corridor. Many farmers have taken officials on tours of their farmland, pointing out the economic impact that the highway would have on their businesses. Others have petitioned both state and federal DOT officials.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer