Farm Sector Growth Leaves Farmers Struggling to Fill Farm Jobs

Farmers across the country are still struggling to fill farm jobs despite high unemployment rates in most states.
Despite the farm sector reaping record profits for the past several years, many farmers across the country report difficulty finding workers to fill farm jobs. Part of the problem is the success of the farm sector. With production on the rise (despite a series of devastating droughts) and with profits increasing, farmers have had a difficult time keeping up with rising demand.
In addition, farmers have been the victims of changing agricultural demographics. With the rural population shrinking, fewer and fewer young people are attracted to agricultural jobs. With a graying farm sector, producers have had a great deal of difficulty attracting new workers.
With tough new immigration laws cropping up across the country, many farmers see an already tight labor market increasingly shrinking.
While many farmers hope that immigration reform will help open up labor markets, others are hoping that internal reforms will help lure domestic workers to farm professions. Many farmers are investing in technological innovations, hoping that a more modern image will draw a younger workforce. In addition, some farmers are pushing to expand farm education programs, hoping that agricultural colleges can help train a future crop of farmers.
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Written by: Justin Ellison / Farm Plus Staff Writer