Wisconsin Farm Loans

Farm Plus Financial is pleased to offer Wisconsin farmers, ranchers and dairy owners government-secured Wisconsin farm loans, agricultural loans & farm operating line of credit loans with some of the best rates currently available.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Wisconsin plays an important role in the American agricultural industry. Over 15 million acres of land are used for farming or ranching purposes and agriculture generates almost $60 billion annually. Wisconsin is one of the nation’s leading corn producers and the Wisconsin dairy industry is one of the most valuable in the United States.

Farm Plus Financial not only specializes in Wisconsin farm loans, we understand the importance of farming and ranching to the people of Wisconsin. We understand that Wisconsin farm loans are crucial to building and maintaining a thriving agricultural industry. Our trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional staff makes getting a farm loan in Wisconsin a smooth process. If you are interested in purchasing new farmland in Wisconsin, refinancing for a better interest rate and term or expanding your farm or ranch and need a farm loan, please call 866-929-5585 or fill out the form below to have one of our experienced Wisconsin farm loan Specialist contact you today.

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