West Virginia Farm Loans

Farm Plus Financial offers the most competitive interest rates on West Virginia farm loans, along with financing for orchards, ranches, and agribusinesses. We’re a West Virginia ag lender with some of the best available rates nationally on LOC loans. Farming is an important occupation throughout the state of West Virginia, although it differs sharply from larger cash crop production seen in other agricultural industries. Almost 92% of West Virginia farms are family-owned farm operations or single-owner farms. Corn, apple orchards, and hay are some of West Virginia’s major crops, generating more than $30 million annually. In addition to the crop and orchard production, West Virginia generates roughly $300 through production including broilers, cattle, and turkeys.

Farm Plus Financial is proud to support West Virginia’s hardworking farmers by offering the best West Virginia farm loans. Our products offer competitive interest rates, and our knowledgeable staff is committed to making your experience as pleasant as possible. Whether you’re seeking a farm or ranch loan in West Virginia, feel free to call our offices toll-free or complete the form above to have a loan specialist contact you today with current loan rates and information.

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