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Farm Plus Financial is pleased to offer government-secured Tennessee agriculture loans and Tennessee line of credit loans with some of the best rates available today. With warm summers, temperate winters, and 52” of rain each year, Tennessee’s climate is ideally suited for crop growth. Cotton, corn, and soybeans are some of Tennessee’s primary crops, and the annual value of the state’s soybean production is over $400 million. Tennessee is the sixth-largest cotton producer in the nation and the nineteenth-largest corn producer. In addition, Tennessee is the sixth-largest horse producer and the fifteenth-largest cattle producer.

Here at Farm Plus Financial, we are proud of our ability to offer Tennessee farm loans to farmers and ranchers. Our Tennessee farm loan programs are very competitive, especially with interest rates. Acquiring a Tennessee rural land loan can be a difficult process. Let Farm Plus Financial take some of the pressure off you with our streamlined farm loan process and our knowledgeable staff. If you are interested in our Tennessee farm loan programs, please call us toll-free at 866-216-0666 or fill out the form below to have a Loan Officer contact you today.

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