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Farm Plus Financial is pleased to offer government-secured North Carolina farm, ranch, farm land, rural housing, agribusiness, and farm operating line of credit loans with the most competitive farm loan interest rates on the market. With over 8.5 million acres of farmland, the agricultural industry in North Carolina generates over $70 billion for the state’s economy. Agriculture accounts for over 17% of North Carolina’s economy and employs over 17% of the state’s population. Tobacco is one of North Carolina’s major industries. With a value of over $500 million annually, North Carolina is one of the principal tobacco producers in the nation. In addition, North Carolina is a major cotton and soybean producer and both are important parts of the state’s agricultural industry. Very few institutions offer farm loans in NC, which is why we are so pleased to now offer farm land loans in North Carolina.

Farm Plus Financial is happy to contribute to North Carolina’s agricultural industry. We understand that securing a farm loan can be a difficult process. At Farm Plus Financial, our experienced and knowledgeable land lenders in NC are here to make that farm loan process easier. Whether you are seeking a farm loan for purchase, refinance, or expansion, Farm Plus is here to assist you. If you are interested in our farm loan programs, please feel free to call toll free at 855-989-4988 or complete the form below to have a North Carolina Ag Loan Officer contact you today.

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