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Farm Plus Financial is the trusted provider of Mississippi farm loans, Mississippi agricultural land loans and Mississippi farm operating line of credit farm loans with the most competitive interest rates. With over 11 million acres of farmland nourished by the Mississippi River the over 43,000 farms thrive in the temperate Mississippi climate. The agricultural industry in Mississippi is nearly $5 billion sold and Mississippi ranks in the top half of the nation in terms of market value of agricultural products. Harvesting over 650,000 acres annually, Mississippi is the fourth largest cotton producing state in the United States. Mississippi also ranks thirteenth in the agricultural production of soybeans and eighteenth in corn production.

Farm Plus Financial appreciates the important role that agricultural production plays in Mississippi’s economy and the US economy. We are proud to do business in the state of Mississippi and look forward to helping you reach your agricultural goals by providing flexible and competitive financing for farms, ranches, and other agricultural businesses. We have options for Mississippi farm loans for agriculture operations of all types and sizes. Our financing options help all Mississippi agriculture professionals fulfill their business needs—from new farmers buying land for the first time to generational farmers investing in the latest equipment. Farm Plus Financial offers rural land loans in Mississippi for when you need to purchase new land or expand your existing property. In addition to Mississippi land financing, we offer ranch and farm loans to fund new equipment, construction, materials, salaries, and other business needs.

Whether you are seeking Mississippi farm loans for consolidating and refinancing your current loans for a better rate and term, looking to purchase Mississippi farm land, expand your current operation or just looking for day-to-day operating capital, Farm Plus Financial is your trusted source of agriculture financing. We understand that finding the right farm lender in Mississippi can be a time-consuming process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful one. The knowledgeable team at Farm Plus Financial are here to make your experience as smooth as possible. If you are seeking a farm loan ranging from $400,000 to $25,000,000, please call our offices toll-free at 866-760-7720 or complete the Mississippi Farm Loan Inquiry form below to have a Mississippi Loan Officer contact you today with our current farm loan rates and more information.

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For a current rate sheet and more information from one of our Mississippi farm loans specialists, complete the farm loan inquiry form below or contact Farm Plus Financial toll-free at 866-929-5585 to discuss your agricultural and farm loan needs.