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Farm Plus Financial offers Illinois farm loans, ranch loans, agricultural land loans, and Illinois line of credit loans to farmers, ranchers, and land owners throughout Illinois. Illinois farmers and ranchers generate more than $9 billion in commodities each year, $4 billion of which is exported to other countries making Illinois #2 amongst the United States in agricultural exports. In addition, each year Illinois produces about 678 million gallons of ethanol, more than any other state. This says a lot for Illinois farmers and ranchers and should give Illinois agriculturists something to be proud of. We at Farm Plus Financial are proud to offer Illinois farm loan programs to Illinois farmers and ranchers at the most competitive interest rates.

We understand searching for Illinois farm loans can be a challenging task. At Farm Plus Financial, we take that stress away by offering great farm loan programs, knowledgeable staff, and “old-fashioned” customer service. Whether you are seeking an Illinois farm loan for a farm land purchase, refinance of your current farm and ag loans, expansion purposes, or need a revolving line of credit loan, Farm Plus Financial is here to assist you. Please feel free to call our offices today toll-free at 866-929-5585 or complete the Illinois Farm Loan Inquiry below to have an Illinois Farm Loan Specialist contact you today.

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