FPF Fun Fact: Second Liens & Nationwide Lending

Second Liens OH MY!

Did you know that it is possible to take a second or even a third lien from your first? This is an option that not many lenders provide. We have been fortunate enough to see some incredibly low rates this past year, making an option such as this one, less desirable. But it has been indicated that interest rates will start climbing and this program may be an option for you in the near future! Most of the loan products offered allow the applicant to borrow up to 55-75% Loan to Value (LTV). So, this option would be useful to borrowers that want to borrow more money but need to use the same property as collateral. Instead of refinancing your existing loan, you can apply for a separate loan, all while using the same property as collateral for the loan.

An example of this would be that your original loan is only 20% LTV and you were allotted 60%, this means that you can take a second or even third lien up to 40% of the remaining LTV. You can borrow up to the allotted LTV amount. This is an option to keep in mind, especially with increasing interest rates. If you are interested in discussing this option further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Nationwide Lending

Farm Plus Financial has been able to set itself apart from other lenders due the company’s ability to help applicants all over the United States. In general, other agricultural lenders can only lend within their region. Most regions only consist of a few states or only one state or even county. Our reach goes above and beyond our competition. With the help of technology, we can connect with our customers and help them through every step of the loan process.

The best part of helping applicants nationwide is that we see a mix of operations owned and operated by our clients. If we were designated to a specific region, we would only deal with 1-5 different types of operations. Our relationship managers are familiar with the daily operations of numerous operations including California vineyards, livestock operations, Hawaii coffee operations, and many others. Being nationwide also allows us to develop great relationships with appraisers and title companies making the process move smoother for our team as well as the applicant.

Farm Plus Financial is partnered with Zions Ag Finance to provide our clients with different loan options and excellent loan rates. No matter where you live in the United States, Farm Plus Financial is willing to help you Buy/Refinance your dream agricultural property! Fill out our application online or give us a call at (866)-929-5585. We would love to work with you!