Wisconsin Planters Forced to Delay Crops

With unexpected cold fronts and snow storms, farmers are waiting to move forward with planting plans.
Not only has the weather been too cool, the ground is also too wet to begin moving heavy machinery across.
According to the Wisconsin Crop Progress report issued by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, very little field work has started.
The report said there is almost no growth in pastures, wheat or alfalfa. This is most likely due to frost covering the ground every morning or the snow that is still heaped in northern Wisconsin counties.
Some farmers are anxious because of rising costs of fertilizers and other expenses, and late planting has them at the edge of their seats.
Ross Biship, a Washington County farmer, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “It’s a gamble. The whole thing is risky.”
At the same time farmers are delaying their planting as a business precaution. This gives them time to balance the cost and expected crop prices.
Kevin Jarek, a University of Wisconsin-Extension agent said corn is going to be the hardest crop to deal with because the cost has increased the most.
A survey suggests that acreage in Wisconsin will be down one percent from 2008.
As long as weather stays normal, corn should be planted in late April or early May.
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